Favourite Dice – RPGaDay 2023

The question is:

Favourite Dice

The only special dice I possess that might warrant the term favourite are my Dragon Age dice.

These are not Dragon Age dice. These are the dice that I play with when I run Dragon Age.

As part of Green Ronin’s AGE system, Dragon Age has stunts, and these depend on your rolling a specific result.

When I ran Dragon Age using these three dice, those stunts seemed to arise thick and fast. Time and again.

It became a thing that I would store these dice in a special bag — they’re still stored in a special bag — and that they’re used for nothing else but rolling for Dragon Age.

So, I guess, these are my favourite dice because they’re really special. I know that some games have dice that are manufactured solely for a game system — like the Genesys system and the special Genesys dice — but these three dice became special because of what they did. These dice were a grim reminder that the world of Thedas was a wild and terrible place that punished the adventurers that forgot where they stood in the greater scheme of things.

These are special, favourite dice.

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The prompts for this year are as follows — and you can find out more on Dave’s website.


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