Favourite Character – RPGaDay 2023

The original question was:

Favourite Character

And I’m going to bastardise this one slightly by referencing more than one character and none of them are mine.

So… Favourite Character(s)

Ayrton Fellowes, Dane Crowther, Ethan Burroughs, and Graham Giuradanda made up the team sent to Manhattan to investigate a missing woman and the astounding nightmare in her apartment. They might have been prompted to take a proper inventory of the site, but that was never going to happen.

Impossible Landscapes is a stunning campaign, collecting four adventures spanning many years and bridged by additional encounters and locations. It was absolutely fascinating to run, a literal nightmare to read (surreal horror really messed with my brain doing the prep work), and it provoked some fantastic character interaction between these four characters and the players behind them.

(On the plus side, it gave me the opportunity to do a little playtest on the character generation and systems of Sanction: The Agency as the system.)

Each character had a different focus, from Fellowes self-absorbed, opinionated, and aggressive stance toward the whole world to Crowther’s truly personal connection with his wife and dog that felt close and deeply emotive throughout the course of almost forty sessions.

Some of finest moments were thick with varied character play, strong emotions, and a sense of driving purpose to find out what the heck was going on. One session focused so hard on a single piece of evidence that I could have swear we were all heading towards a breakdown…

I think it figures as a favourite because it felt so engaging and somewhat intimate, including one session where it was just one-on-one with Crowther who had slipped into an otherworldly domain all on his own, while his associates had apparently disappeared themselves.

It was a fascinating experience to be involved in that, I fear, I will never experience again. But, I was so glad to have been there in the moment.

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