Middle Lane Vision

I witnessed another fine example of middle lane madness today, something I see every single day in all honesty. It erks me most when drivers do it so blatantly, sitting in the overtaking lanes for junction after junction with hardly an obstruction to overtake in sight. It stinks – an act of utter laziness that simply renders some stretches of a road dangerous to everyone.

Middle lane hogging incites acts of undertaking, and therein lies another example of disrespect for other drivers – especially where engaged upon in instances of congestion or near junctions. Too many people in the middle lane leads to people multi-undertaking. And therein lies a recipe for accident.

This morning a young woman with dark, shoulder-length hair in a black Volkswagen Polo (a very recent registration, ending with ZXM) hurtled westwards along the M56 in the middle lane in an apparently catatonic state. I could see her in my rear view mirror clocking up mile upon mile, at first in the middle lane and then the outside lane, at times with no car within several hundred yards. At one point, there was a driver in the inside lane and she sat in the outside lane – nothing to stop her pulling back across – with a great 4 by 4 tailgating her.

What possesses these people? When she finally passed me – in the outside lane – she wasn’t on the phone or singing… nothing that would explain the oblivious attitude. She just seemed to be locked in some catatonic state – probably that condition that accounts for many drivers not actually appearing aware for much of the time they travel. You know, those times when you suddenly realise you’ve been travelling for an hour and yet can’t in all honesty recall anything but a fraction of it. Or, you suddenly realise the show on the radio has changed or the CD has reached the last track, and you don’t recall anything before that.

It seriously worries me – because that indifference to the road will inevitably lead to accidents or road rage… and then who will she blame. Who do any of us blame?

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