If Molly and B&Q Got Together

Sometimes you can’t keep a good post down. And, OK… this one definitely comes from an old post from the older than old version of Boreders. That promise of Summer in the not too distant future reminded me I had this lying around.

The question I had to ask myself was – what if Molly Sims and B&Q got together to really sell you that quality wheelbarrow?

I had this thing for Molly Sims for the longest time. I warm and engaged respect for the feminine form. A colleague at work always had a tear-off copy of the Sports Illustrated calendar, and Molly appeared all too infrequently. I would sometimes creep around to his desk and seek her out, skip forwards to find out when I might new catch a glimpse of her tanned, elfin features. She was not the youngest nor the most buxom, but she would always strike a fine pose.

And who else could bring a piece of rusting garden equipment to life?

what if Molly Sims and B&Q got together to advertise wheelbarrows?

I don’t know what B&Q would do with Molly… but, now you can have a possible result on your desktop and muse on the possibilities whenever you like.

Later, I chanced upon Molly Sims acting as part of the ensemble cast of ‘Las Vegas‘, though I never sampled that particular show to see how good she was. Still, she seems to continue to draw media interest, whichever lens happens to be cast in her direction.

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