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Bridge Over Stony Brook
Stoneybridge – the town with a stony bridge (Photo credit: herzogbr)

In the distant past, Channel 4 provided an oasis of incredible alternative comedy that turned heads and raised smiles. In those days Vic and Bob were having a Big Night Out, Frank Skinner resided in My Blue Heaven, Robert Lindsey was funny in Nightingales and in the wee small hours of the late evening we could all take a trip to Stoneybridge and beyond (what beyond Mucker?) with the cast of ‘Absolutely ‘. Yes, yes – they did release a couple of vid-a-os in the early 90s, while Mr Don and Mr George got their own series and a video of their own; but, it has been some 20 years since the series and no one saw fit to release the whole series for home viewing until now. So, I shall certainly be buying this one. Too long have I waited. Memorable characters like the Little Girl, Frank Hovis (on the lavatory), Calum Gilhooley, and the grumpy old man, Bert Bastard (whose cry of ‘Arse’ preceded the plaintive cry of Unlucky Alf’s ‘Bugger’ by more than 10 years). Yes, it had ups and downs, but so did ‘Monty Python‘. While ‘ethnic’ comedy has not necessarily worked since, ‘Absolutely’ seemed to transcend this with characters both lovable and loathable with a British twang and a Celtic brogue. Anyway… before I make a fool of myself with more comments, I’ll leave you with a piece of unreservedly juvenile humour in the lavatory with Frank Hovis:


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