I’m constantly excited when I see someone using The Dee Sanction to run something other than Elizabethan supernatural investigations. I made no particular move to promote the engine for that purpose, but I did write it system first.

From the outset, Sanction was there in the backdrop, sort of. I had a pack of cards from which you could create a character in a few moments. I know I have discussed this in the past elsewhere, but that was the bit that remained, even though the cards transitioned into a more practical group of tables.

The original sessions of The Dee Sanction had a different notion of success, but the three characteristics were there from the outset. Back then, they had more in common with the current Tradecraft rules, with System and Access having a place as core qualities of a character. I think that arose from a notion around politics. When you’re characters with a need to influence patrons and masters in court, it made sense to set politics at the heart. But that changed.

The Dee Sanction didn’t really have a settled system until the year before I crowd-funded, and when the system dawned on me, it was Sanction at heart. It was written as a system first, and then extras were layered over the core. Favours and Tradecraft were expansions to the heart of the game.

Notions on Sanction have been shared before. At the moment, it hasn’t progressed too much further, aside from a few more pages, a little more detail, and The Agency as a basic set of character generation tables. But, like I say, there are people out there creating diverse material using The Dee Sanction already, so do I recruit a little support to ease Sanction to fruition? Do I achieve publication through a little crowd-sourcing as well as a dose of crowd-funding?


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