Lone Wolf Technique Cards

shield-danceCubicle 7’s Lone Wolf Adventure Game boxed set enters Joe Dever’s world of Magnamund and allows you to take on the role of Kai Initiates. In the face of creeping darkness and scattered pockets of injustice, you have the means to bring light and hope.

While the basic – or Initiate – version of the game runs closely alongside the solo gamebooks in terms of complexity, you can step up. Gamemasters have the option to introduce one or many Master-level rules that add greater depth and complexity. You can expand character generation, introduce skills and traits, expand the role and purpose of armour and weapons, and include advanced tactics in combat.

Those Combat Techniques add ten options to the normal cut and thrust of melee, placing emphasis on offense, defense, brute force or finesse. While just short of a dozen options isn’t so much to remember, if a player does want to try something a little different with their character it might involve some page flicking.

Or some reference cards.

I went for the latter option.

I have put together some cards and have printed them out and laminated them for reference in the game. I haven’t done any fancy backing images – purely because then I’d have to line them up or mess around with more bits of paper. If you want to make them look extra pretty – feel free to have a go yourself.

As we have ten options, that’s precisely one too many cards to conveniently fit on a sheet of paper. Therefore, I have opted to offer them as individual cards with a grey background/border. If you drop nine of these on a sheet of A4 (or your local equivalent) they should fit. I guess you’ll have to print an extra sheet for the other one!

I’ll tell you how helpful there were after my first session of running the game tomorrow.

Access the Lone Wolf Adventure Game Technique Cards for personal use.

Lone Wolf – include all art, concepts, characters, text, and intellectual properties are © 2015 Joe Dever and Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. I have created these cards as a fan resource only and lay no claim of any kind to their content or the Lone Wolf header banner.






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