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Room for All Adventure

I ran a game of Lone Wolf last night and I fear that I might run investigation games too much to jump start my pace to that more appropriate to rollicking adventure. Last week playing AD&D it seemed we had pace and progress – move to the next room, defuse the trap, beat the monster,…
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January 12, 2016 0

Lone Wolf Technique Cards

Cubicle 7’s¬†Lone Wolf Adventure Game boxed set enters Joe Dever’s world of Magnamund and allows you to take on the role of Kai Initiates. In the face of creeping darkness and scattered pockets of injustice, you have the means to bring light and hope. While the basic – or Initiate – version of the game…
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September 25, 2015 0

The Lands of Legend

I could hardly believe my eyes… Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson are reprinting Dragon Warriors in a hardback volume under the Mongoose Publishing Flaming Cobra imprint. Originally published in the 80s in six separate paperback volumes, Dragon Warriors rode the wave of the popularity of Fighting Fantasy¬†and Lone Wolf, bringing fantasy adventures to the shelves…
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July 29, 2008 0