Dreary Bank Holiday

Seems like a stereotypical Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, with weather varying from pleasant to piss poor (which sums it up right now).

I have spent a lot of time preparing for the UK Games Expo in Birmingham next weekend. I still need to write something down, noteswise, for the adventure I’ll be running, but I have prepared several props and started on the character generation. I could also do with refreshing my memory of the rules, though as I’ve already created a game screen and QUERP’s pretty simple, it shouldn’t be an issue!

In the meantime my wife has been clearing out the storage/spare room upstairs. I have avoided it up to now, but now some decisions need to be made about throwing stuff away, recycling it through eBay or a charity shop, or keeping. I must avoid just keeping everything, otherwise we’ll just end up with a tidier room that still doesn’t have any new storage space. I fear the trip down memory lane involved in sorting through piles of old stuff means I’ve not been working anywhere close to 100% efficiency. Always seems to be a side effect of shuffling through old possessions that you’ll find some memory or another tucked away between each one…





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