Our Lady’s Mantle

Available: Su, Au 60%
Preparation: none
Cost: 1s. 6d./3s.
Uses: 2
Effective: 65% / 30%

A perennial plant, with rounded leaves and small green flowers growing in loose clusters. Found in damp places, such as meadows and shady woodland.

The clean, fresh, green leaves of the Lady’s Mantle may, if taken as a tea, settle the stomach and the bowel, reducing the symptoms of poor appetite, stomach upset and diarrhoea. The extract of the plant may also, when applied externally, aid in coagulation of the blood – reducing bleeding.

The influence of the herbal remedy over the blood has also led to a reputation for returning ‘bigness and hardness’ to the otherwise sagging or over large breasts of a woman by the application of the bruised leaves to the bosom. Use the second Effective rating in determining the success rate of the herb for this purpose. The effects are temporary.


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