Planning and Passing

I have been tackling my editing duties with a determination of purpose rarely seen round my way. As I planned to have writing done by the end of December, I now have editing targeted for the close of play this weekend. Assuming all goes well with the publishers, we might have a green light for layout, art, release, etc., so there really isn’t any more time to ‘fanny about’, as they say.

While I’ve reserved evenings for editing, I have used breakfast time for a little writing. Where practical, I’ve been creating mission seeds for PARANOIA on Omega Complex to keep the creative juices flowing, as well as pondering what I can write next for Maelstrom. I’m also planning ahead, as I intend to attend the Birmingham-based UK Games Expo in June. I have the time booked off and plan to run one or more roleplaying sessions over the course of the weekend. I intend to get prepared, because I’d rather not end up in the situation I experienced last year, composing handouts on the train down to London.

The last week has not been an easy one as we lost one of our cats to illness. Poor Bill deteriorated through November and December. Despite rallying against his condition following a course of antibiotics, he suffered arterial thrombosis in his back legs (or something along those lines). He’d had a heart condition since we adopted him, and managed fine – but, the underlying problems might have caught up with him. In the end, we faced tests, operations and morphin-strength painkillers, or the tougher option of putting him down. With consideration, we opted for the latter and said a tearful fairwell – and we’ve struggled through the week that has followed. Bill lived with us for more than 8 years.

Current Reading:The Death of Grass‘, John Christopher; ‘The Wind from the Sun‘, Arthur C Clarke



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  1. Chris Tregenza Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a pet sounds like a trivial event but pets are part of the family and companions for many years. When they die, it is always a heart felt loss.

    On a lighter note, I’ll also be attending the UK Games Expo. I wonder how many other bloggers will be there and whether it is worth organising a UK Bloggers meet-up.


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