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Planning and Passing

I have been tackling my editing duties with a determination of purpose rarely seen round my way. As I planned to have writing done by the end of December, I now have editing targeted for the close of play this weekend. Assuming all goes well with the publishers, we might have a green light for…
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January 18, 2011 1

Geoffrey Perkins: 1953 – 2008

Sometimes I’m better off catching the news late. I was mildly lost for words on hearing that Geoffrey Perkins had been involved in a terrible accident that took his life. In his mid-50s, he doubtless had a lot more mileage in him if left to natural causes… unless investigation proves otherwise. Geoffrey had a long…
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September 1, 2008 0

A Model Major General

Sad news indeed on the death of Don S. Davis, who played General Hammond, in Stargate, and Major Briggs, in Twin Peaks. He had a great presence on camera and played some solid, long-running characters. Only last week I read an article about the longevity of ‘Peaks’ as a classic weirdness – and the writer…
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July 4, 2008 0