Knowing It

I had grand plans for this weekend, but somewhere in the mix I have become side-tracked by some irritating minutiae. I have a To Do list on my laptop, constantly lingering in view, so I have no excuse to lose focus.

I have managed to remove a couple of things from the list – like preparing guidance documents for running a WordPress QuickShop installation and adding a very obvious ‘contact information’ graphic to the South Manchester Wildlife Rescue web site. I had just done that graphic and needed to upload it when the first problem of the weekend reared its ugly mug.

I seem to have lost FTP access to my domains. Not from all source, just from one device – my laptop. So, the one place where I do all my work suddenly hits a dead-end for uploads. I could do them on the desktop or my iPhone probably for that matter, so why has my laptop suddenly stopped working. Investigation followed – and went on and on.

Sunday comes around and I continue with my To Do list; but, my efforts keep coming back to the damned FTP and why it isn’t work. I need to know what’s wrong. My curiosity refuses to abate without a resolution. I manage to do some work on another site without need for FTP and do some reading, but my searches eventually return to the problem again. I simply can’t let go.

Now, I face the gathering gloom of Sunday evening and I haven’t done half of what I really wanted to get done. Mind you, I could do without posting on a blog at this moment as well, because this isn’t on my To Do list. Not my current ‘Get It Done Now’ list.

Suppose I should go help make dinner now…





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