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I really have to stop doing this sort of crap. I get the urge to search for themes. I find one. I spend ages fiddling with it. I install it. And, all along, I really should have been doing something else. I can probably justify the time and effort on the basis that I wanted…
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August 13, 2011 0


I have been working for the last couple of weeks on a new community site for doll collectors. I admit that might seem a little odd to anyone who doesn’t know – and odder still, because I don’t actually collect dolls. I appreciate the artistic intent in their creation and the distillation of their personality…
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August 4, 2010 0

Knowing It

I had grand plans for this weekend, but somewhere in the mix I have become side-tracked by some irritating minutiae. I have a To Do list on my laptop, constantly lingering in view, so I have no excuse to lose focus. I have managed to remove a couple of things from the list – like…
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July 11, 2010 0

The Vurt

I have spent the last 8 or so years slowly filling up the web space I rent. At the moment I use a fairly basic business package, but I have hit a ceiling within the limits of the offer. Despite making no sense, my host restrict file numbers as well as file size. I’m sure…
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August 21, 2009 0

Erase | Rewind

As happens on an irregular basis, I have gone for a complete reformatting of the boreders themes. I always like to try something a little different, ideally something at a tangent to whatever went before. So, I have cast aside the garish orange of the last theme and gone for a something subdued and minimalist.…
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April 8, 2009 0

Tangoed Again

I spent a while looking decidedly orange… and, when I saw this WordPress theme, it seemed like time to go orange all over again. It also gave me a chance to turn my hand to a little Photoshop practice – creating the stars behind the date and the badge in the header. I need to…
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September 7, 2008 0