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After all too long a delay, I have finally managed to put my ‘web design’ site back online… I’m admitting right now the site is basic, the content is off the cuff, and I fully intend to do more with it later. However, the site has been offline for months and I have more than one link to it hanging around online. Nothing worse than a dead link. Well, okay, there are a lot of things worse than a dead link… but, you know what I mean.

So, I consider the site being back considerable progress. I now have an aching back from leaning over the computer putting the site together, but it’s a positive pain. I hand-coded the whole thing and did the images myself, so all the principles of plain, simple web design remain intact. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d used someone else’s template to put my web site online. That would have just been embarrassing.

You can find out more about my web design work on the back to basics web page.





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