Ice Station Stockport

The weather seems set to make January 2010 memorable indeed. I can’t recall the last time the snow fell so deeply – though I daresay it has in the past. I have a vague recollection of deep snow in the 70s or early 80s – and trudging through it on the way to school. I know, back then, people just got on with it. You went to school waist deep in snowdrifts and gave thanks for the opportunity to test out your survival skills. These days, people stand outside the doorstep, fall over and lay siege to the Council because they didn’t grit all the pavements.

I had extended my holiday until tomorrow to give me the chance to spend a couple of days with my wife, children safely back at school. Now, I can see that isn’t going to happen. We even have a friend of the boys staying overnight rather than risk driving him home – largely because his school has already posted that it won’t be open. They started building a snow fort in the back garden, so now they’ll be able to add turrets and crenelations come the morning and set about declaring war on the neighbours.

Ah well… I shall hunker down and ward off the cold with blankets and copious hot drinks. I wonder, with a 70+ mile round trip, continued snow fall and crazy drivers on the roads whether I’ll be returning to work this week or the next?!

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