Rogue Urges

Oooo… Oooo… Ooooooo… Looks like the second part of the Warhammer 40K RPG trilogy is on the near horizon, in the form of the ‘Rogue Trader’ game – see here. Page is coming soon, apparently.

When the Black Library originally launched Dark Heresy, it was backed by the promise of two further games centred on Rogue Traders and the Space Marines. I’m thankful that the mission to pursue publication of these additional volumes has not been lost in the transition to Fantasy Flight Games. They’re doing a sterling job and I greatly appreciate it.

Of course, I have other problems stemming from this game. I’m actually half-considering collecting and painting up my own Warhammer 40K army… something I haven’t considered in a long while. I used to play Warhammer and 40K in my youth, but those models have been gathering dust for the better part of 20 years. Now, I find myself driven by the urge to dig out all those Marines and paint myself up a fine party of Grey Knights. My sons have Necrons and Tau, so I’m guessing I’ll need to shape and focus Grey Knights accordingly, as they’re more used to Daemons than Xenos.

What next? Any chance someone could summon up the resource to create a full length Warhammer 40K movie? I’m sure Vin Diesel would be up for it…


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