Demonic Intent: Round 2

Following ‘Demons’ episode 2, it occurs to me that while the series has the money to spend on CGI and fine location, they seem to lack any decent fight choreography. When I could wrestle free of my own personal demons (manifest in Philip Glenister‘s accent), it seemed that both set pieces in Episodes 1 and 2 seemed more wooden than Professor Yaffle.

In the first episode, Luke fought the Noisy Boys with all the finesse of a post-accident physiotherapy session. I guess this might have something to do with the age and experience of the combatants, and possibly the timeslot. Can kids (and that’s what the Noisy Boys are) grasp the complexities of fight work on the limited budget and timescales of a TV series? Perhaps not.

However, the same excuse doesn’t seem to stand up for Episode 2, where Luke squared off against Gilgamel. Here was an adult sweltering under a pile of cosmetics and prosthetics… so, is that the excuse here for a battle with less zip than a Velcro factory? Gilgamel’s needle arms had a sort of flap of flesh extending into the chest of the actor, so I imagine they were an absolute bugger to move around. Nice makeup is pointless if the damned stuff prevents fluid and realistic movement in a fight…

So, a ‘No Score’ situation as of Demons episode 2. Yes, it isn’t diabolical (There’s probably a pun in there), but head-to-head against Doctor Who, it wouldn’t stand a chance…





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