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Was there Life on Mars?

Ashes to Ashes closed the televised Hunt era – and the Quattro died. Viewers watched as the slow reveal unfurled on what had been happening all along, and the purpose – and perhaps identity – of Jim Keats became clear. I’d a nagging suspicion since Keats first appeared, and the visits to his office –…
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May 26, 2010 0

Demonic Intent: Round 2

Following ‘Demons’ episode 2, it occurs to me that while the series has the money to spend on CGI and fine location, they seem to lack any decent fight choreography. When I could wrestle free of my own personal demons (manifest in Philip Glenister‘s accent), it seemed that both set pieces in Episodes 1 and…
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January 12, 2009 0

Demonic Intent

Rupert Galvin… Philip Glenister… Demons… American accent… WHY??? Seriously, Philip has a perfectly decent accent all of his own. I don’t mean DCI Hunt’s gruff tones, I means his own accent. So, why make him speak with a faux American accent, likely to put me off watching the series?

January 4, 2009 0