Indecency on Ice

English: Holly Willoughby at Happy Feet Premiere.
English: Holly Willoughby at Happy Feet Premiere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dancing on Ice was flooded with complaints after host Holly Willoughby showed off her cleavage in a skimpy dress.

Flooded. Cleavage. Skimpy clothes. The shock of it all. What has saturday evening entertainment come to when a young and attractive woman wears a dress. Damnation and brimstone rain down on her satanic soul!

I read about this with incredulity, because I know what papers will do to sell copy. It would appear the ‘flood’ amounted to five complaints that Holly showed a little too much skin this last Saturday. What do these five people do as a day job? In truth, they’re probably professional complainers. Reminds me of a sketch from ‘Saturday Night Fry‘ where a woman (played by Phyllida Law) blurts all sorts of obscenity in a discussion about dirty minds (with Hugh Laurie) and then promptly sends a letter of complaint about the poor standards and language just in time for the end of the show (she complains they used the word ‘penis’ twice in the course of the show, three times if they read out her letter…).

Holly used to be a model. She’s an attractive woman. Women have been known to wear dresses and use their appearance to their advantage. That rubs off on the success of the show. People who feel that seeing cleavage constitutes some level of uncalled for nakedity really should just pack up and go hold a 24/7 vigil with placards outside their local lap dancing club… Maybe they could go down the newsagents and tear the topless ladies out of the tabloids, to save people from themselves. Revealing dresswear and pornography occupy quite different points in the spectrum of decency – and judging by the pictures of Holly and the dress, there’s nothing wrong here.

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