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Not The End

The message of this lecture is that black holes ain’t as black as they are painted. — Professor Stephen Hawking Hawking has put forward a new theory around information surviving in a black hole. The Information Paradox results from a conflict between quantum mechanics and general relativity. One posits permanent destruction of all matter while the…
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August 26, 2015 0

Get Over It

Well, the world moved on in the last fortnight, didn’t it. The weather has shimmied and jostled from overpowering heat to moist and warm – at a pace quite alarming to most. I have gone from spending one night sleeping above the quilt, to the next tucked firmly beneath it – and that isn’t right,…
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July 2, 2010 0

Call Out the National Guard!

I love my pets as much as the next pet-lover (our family includes three cats, four gerbils, three hamsters, a fish, and a sea anenome), but… I can’t help feeling two Fire Engines coming out to rescue a lost hamster represents a massive waste of manpower and tax-payers money. Relevant reading: [amtap book:isbn=1860542468]

October 22, 2008 0

When Spiders Attack!

Apparently, the Steatoda Nobilis, Britain’s only biting spider, has claimed another victim in Devon, where some poor soul disturbed a nest and got a nasty bite on the neck. No… don’t ask me how. Maybe he was in the attic or something and the spider launched a sneak attack. The article, in the Metro, features…
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February 12, 2008 0

Planely Mad

The Japanese intend to chuck 100 paper planes into orbit. Constructed from silicon treated, heatproof paper and measuring around 20 cm in length, the places will depart from the International Space Station and head earthward. The planes will cover around 300 miles in their journey and most probably land in the sea. However, I’m midly…
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February 8, 2008 0

Compare and Contrast: 2

Suicide bombs. Unrest in Chad. Public sector pay cuts. And Holly Willoughby’s cleavage. I had to raise them again, because another tabloid did yesterday, with another front page picture and a claimed plethora of complaints. To be honest, Holly wore a nice dress with dropped frontage, but nothing eye-watering… nothing like Jodie Marsh’s number from…
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February 5, 2008 0

Compare and Contrast

I was less than shocked to discover today that The Mirror has managed to stretch out Holly’s cleavage to a further day of discussion with a 2-page article discussing the right and wrong amount to show in public. Obviously just a chance to show a dozen or more pictures of celebrities in flesh revealing dresses,…
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January 30, 2008 0

Indecency on Ice

Dancing on Ice was flooded with complaints after host Holly Willoughby showed off her cleavage in a skimpy dress. Flooded. Cleavage. Skimpy clothes. The shock of it all. What has saturday evening entertainment come to when a young and attractive woman wears a dress. Damnation and brimstone rain down on her satanic soul! I read…
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January 29, 2008 0

Fahrenheit 451

France seems to thrive on l’exception culturelle, running against the grain of what the rest of the world might consider commonsense. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has, of late, shown a very different approach to personal relationships while in office, the sort of thing that would see uproar, crazed media assaults and impeachment around the rest…
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January 16, 2008 0

George MacDonald Fraser

I was saddened to read that George MacDonald Fraser had died, aged 82. Charting the adventures of the dastardly Flashman, Fraser created a character both loved and hated, who has invariably influenced a plethora of fictional (and likely real) cads and bounders ever since. Fraser charted Flashman’s career over twelve books, between 1969 to 2005,…
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January 3, 2008 0