Vote of No Confidence

I was a little concerned yesterday when Eddie Mair asked Steve Clegg, new leader of the Liberal Democrats, to tell him something we didn’t know about him that didn’t involve his politics or his family upbringing. I have to admit I may have misheard the constraints of the question – or perhaps Steve did – but, Clegg promptly rolled out an answer that involved his post-War family upbringing shaping of his world view and current political bent.

Anyway, that aside, I seriously think I’m going to need someone to win me over to the Liberal Democrat cause for the future, especially the leadership (now that it’s changed yet again…). I have found myself swayed by the views of David Cameron far too often of late – and it’s possible I may have no choice but to reevaluate my options come the next General Election. Ten years ago, I’m certain I wouldn’t have had these sorts of doubt… but, now I’m constantly concerned about the way the current government seem to have gone off the rails and the ‘other option’ no longer holds the same allure.

Me… a Conservative (with a capital ‘C’) – whatever is the world coming to?






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