Nigella On Top

Nigella Lawson seems to have a lot to answer for. Aside from being a kitchen tease and a bit of a MILF, she has set the country a-racing to try something different with a bit of gammon. There can’t possibly be any other good reason why I found myself wandering past the jam section of Tesco today to find a man weighing up the difference between two jars of Ginger preserve.

I guess it isn’t a surprise that Nigella Express has topped the bestsellers lists at Amazon and Waterstones, beating Jamie at Home by a long shot. I have to admit to buying a copy for my wife and searching round for the best deal on Ginger Beer at the supermarket today. It’ll be gammon for us too in the New Year!

So, whatever will TV cooks come up with next, exciting we home chefs into a giddy frenzy to do something just a little different? They’ve had us conjuring up special things, basic stuff and now we’re doing it in a hurry – next? Rustic style? Everything steamed? All prepared underwater?

Can’t wait.

Now, where did I put my Nigella video and that stainless steel reamer?

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