Unequal Equalities

I don’t have all the details, but I think it’s a warped mind indeed that pursues a sperm donor for maintenance payments when the lesbian parents break-up. The CSA may have some fine and dandy guidelines to follow, but if they’re following them to the letter (unlike most of the cabinet, who seem to really be struggling with rules and regulations) it really is time to reconsider the aims of the organisation. I understand the male donor here didn’t engage in a legal agreement and therefore left himself open to this sort of thing happening, but he wasn’t integral to the relationship and should have to foot the bill.

In a standard heterosexual break-up one side isn’t pursued for maintenance by the authorities on the basis of what fluids they brought to the party prior to the birth of their first kid. The partner needs to provide the support, whatever their sex. The other woman can’t sneak out of this one because she happens not to be the right sex to have done the dirty deed herself.

I’m all for allowing same sex couples to have official relationships, recognised in the eyes of the law. I couldn’t believe the nonsense spouted by a representatives of the Church the other week about the need for a child to have a father figure in the family, no doubt to instil a certain set of values. A child needs a loving, caring, supportive family – and if that happens to be two women, well – great.

So, enough of the inequality and bewildering decision making. Same sex couples have a part to play in the raising of children; and they have a part to play in the support of children when a relationship turns sour.





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