Christmas Special: Update

Excellent news that the Christmas Special will run long, to make the wait all the more worthwhile. Mind, I’m astonished how quickly Christmas seems to be heading in this direction – likely to collide with my narrowing chances of going shopping like a passenger liner hitting a transdimenional spacio-temporal transportation device.

Kylie continues to look striking and rather fetching in her costume -so, I certainly intend to be there at 6.50pm on the 25th with recorder remote in hand. Unlike the Children in Need special, I will take precautions to remind myself to turn the TV on at the right time – even if it means posting notes all around the house.

Currently, the weird gold angel figures in some of the promotional materials look rather like Axons (who many fans thought might make a return with The Master in the last season, given their name is an anagram of Saxon!).

I’m rubbing my hands in a state of anticipational glee.






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