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Now that I have taken the leap into the 21st Century, I have the chance to flood my page with content from other sites as well as my own. So, not only do you have the chance to read my drivel here, you can read it from my other blogs – like Renegade Time Lord – and see the sort of things that keep me entertained – like Digg and Penny Arcade. I think you should appreciate that sort of generosity, especially considering you didn’t even ask for it.

I visited Waitrose today. What a fascinating store. Of all the stores I can easily visit, Waitrose ranks amongst the higher class supermarket brands. I mean, any place that stocks quote so many Duchy Original products has to be catering towards a different class of customer. My wife positively groaned at the prospect of my spending so much above the odds for some of their lemon curd… Even though it’s just another supermarket, the place just seems to ooze class, from the engaging product packaging to the crisply attired staff with polite and gracious personalities. Marvelous.






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