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So Connected It Hurts

I may reach a point where I can do everything from anywhere, with any device. Having discovered I can text to Twitter and email to Posterous, I can also reach my own blog, it would appear, via email as well. Whatever next? Facebook updates by carrier pigeon? MySpace by telegram? It never ceases to make…
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May 16, 2010 0

Tangoed Again

I spent a while looking decidedly orange… and, when I saw this WordPress theme, it seemed like time to go orange all over again. It also gave me a chance to turn my hand to a little Photoshop practice – creating the stars behind the date and the badge in the header. I need to…
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September 7, 2008 0

Feed Me

Now that I have taken the leap into the 21st Century, I have the chance to flood my page with content from other sites as well as my own. So, not only do you have the chance to read my drivel here, you can read it from my other blogs – like Renegade Time Lord…
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November 3, 2007 0

New Look… Hang On…

I have taken more than four-and-a-half years to make this decision, but in the end I had to… I have a few blogs to juggle here and the old format made it difficult to handle. Now I can see what I’m not posting all over the place – and keep this journal up to date…
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November 2, 2007 0