The Vurt

I have spent the last 8 or so years slowly filling up the web space I rent. At the moment I use a fairly basic business package, but I have hit a ceiling within the limits of the offer. Despite making no sense, my host restrict file numbers as well as file size. I’m sure it makes sense to them. Anyway, despite the fact I have only 4Gb stored on the server, I have hit the quarter million file limit. So, I have to change my package – or do a large and painful clear-out and consolidation.

WordPress plays a part in the problem. It’s too easy for me to start a new blog. I upload a fresh install and start a new blog. However, each time I consume precious file space. I seriously need to work out the best tool to create a single install multi-blog setup. If I could work out how best to do that without impact on the functionality, it would save me a lot of bother.

Anyway, in the meantime I’m going to try out running my own virtual server. I can create the environment that works best for me without needing to worry about files. Lucky for me, the basic virtual server option is the same price as the existing hosted package I use.

This could be an interesting and rewarding experience. Or, it could be a complete and utter bloody nightmare.





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