Your Alpha Complex

A self-contained, sealed environment. Built more than two centuries ago during the period known as the Old Reckoning. Whoever designed Alpha Complex sought to provide a habitat suitable for extended use with facilities and utilities sufficient to provide all resources and energy requirements. The Computer handles Alpha Complex management through a series of sub-nodes that scatter and divide the core intelligence across the whole habitat. While sub-nodes manage primary systems, granular facility and utility control lies in the hands of the ULTRAVIOLET Clearance High Programmers and a multitude of executive officers of descending security clearance. Citizens, cloned from a finite number of genomic templates, strive to maintain balance and order within the greater community, loyal and driven to…

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Alpha Complex consists of several thousand sealed rectangular units connected by corridors and airlocks. Those who designed the infrastructure did so in such as way so as to ensure that catastrophic damage would not result in massive sea water incursion. Automated bulkheads activate immediately upon variance in pressure, locking down damaged areas until The Computer despatches mechanoid repair crews to complete…

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Alpha Complex resembles a froth of bubbles extending across the surface of the Clavius crater on the Moon. The semi-spherical sector shells merge and intermingle, but measures exist to ensure environmental integrity in case of disaster. Sector shells consist of a self-repairing memory plastic called Polyhextrapherodexisol-3, capable of recovering from a tear of less than 0.35% of the total surface area. The Computer enforces mandatory carriage of microlungs at all times, by all citizens, to cover for emergency situations. The device, which R&D constantly seek to improve and miniaturize, resembles an Old Reckoning kazoo constructed from a transparent rubbery material. In case of disaster, the carrier inserts one end in their mouth and blows. Under pressure, the other end of the device expands and encloses the citizen’s face, sealing around the chin and ears. Once fully extended, the material begins to dissolve slowly, releasing breathable air and maintaining pressure around the face to prevent immediate tissue damage and loss of blood.

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While Armed Forces scouts have recovered various fragments of information from the Outdoors, it remains unclear what happened to Earth or if any other colonies exist. The Computer has maintained a state of emergency based on this uncertainty, and rightly so considering the very real menace of Communist control of everything outside of Alpha Complex. Historical records suggest the Communists have sent numerous A-class assault pilots into the Outdoors with the sole aim of destroying Alpha Complex – such as Laik-A, Belk-A and Strel-A. The Computer has no doubt that should one of these pilots ever identify the location of Alpha Complex, the end will come soon after. For this reason, IntSec have ensured a blanket lockdown on all education relating to navigation in the Outdoors – including astronony, planetology, stellar cartography and astrology. Ignorance breeds confidence.

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HPD & MC has insisted that habitable real estate remains a priority, but that emergency habitation protocols will remain in force for the coming year. All Clearances, from INFRARED through BLUE will remain in barracks housing no more than 250 citizens. However, The Computer did confirm that personal storage allowances would see an increase from 25 pounds to 27, with incremental bonuses for those in active service as soldiers, astro-engineers, enviro-mechanics and Troubleshooters. Technical Services confirms work continues apace on removing foreign bodies from Sectors FAZ through KBS, fragmentary remains of the Communist war craft that collided with the Alpha Complex worldship more than 200 years ago. IntSec reminds citizens to remain vigilant and wary of any strangers not openly carrying legitimate identification papers and security chits. Should suspicion arise, contact an officer immediately and…

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Statistics suggest the Ferals no longer have the supplies on hand to support a long term siege of the outer defences, though Power Services has cut power to all transtubes that access the insecure zones. John-B-LND, of IntSec, has insisted the Ferals pose no danger to citizens who follow protocol and keep to their assigned routines. “Security only fails when citizens show weakness and give in to treacherous thoughts. We all have our assigned roles and when the time comes we all know we have to submit ourselves to Whirligig for extended duties in the Outdoors, gathering food for the masses. Whirligig promises survival, promises opportunity, promises the chosen few the chance sustain fellow citizens and show absolute loyalty at the same time. To live as a Feral is to live as an animal, vermin of the worst kind, worth nothing, valued by no one. It pains me to have to expend ammunition killing them.” In other news, soylent production efficiency has risen for the fifteenth successive year…

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…failed to return, with a loss of sixteen good clones. The last communication through the Gate suggests that the unit came under fire from Communist forces, previously undetected due to advanced stealth technology. CPU has classified world DBK-33 offlimits. Armed Forces has lodged a request for a retaliatory strike through the Gate with plasma missiles. The Computer has yet to signal a decision due to the presence of considerable resources on DBK-33 that could alleviate current shortages on Level 643, 711 and 765 through 772. Notably, team AC-13 reported potential lodes of Kavronil and Ferasol, both vital components in laser barrel manufacture.

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Where do your Troubleshooters want to go today?


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