Category: Computers

  • In Translation

    I seem to have spent a good part of the weekend snagged up in the seedy world of the Internet. No, I have not been knee deep in porn or wading through pixelated orcs in a raid. I have been participating in the honourable pursuit of “working out what the heck makes something tick”. I…

  • The Chair in Boo Garden

    I’m sitting in the garden right now writing this blog entry, having already twittered, Boo’d and updated my Facebook status. Despite approaching social networking with uncertainty from the outset, I now embrace Facebook, Twitter and similar outpourings like old friends. In many respects they are just that. I chat with more old school friends and…

  • Creepy

    Having gone through the newest batch of trailers and seen the likes of ‘Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer‘, I have to say even the campest bloodfest of a horror has nothing on this disturbing guide to turning your kids into a Halloween pirate over at YouTube: Relevant reading: [amtap book:isbn=1582974896]

  • Oh So True

    Why, oh why did this make me giggle so much? What could it have been? Might it have simply have been the sight of sour-faced old Paxman who really does ask for this sort of thing… cheer up man, it’s not the end of the world. (Amusing page layout provided courtesy of the TV Guide)

  • Vista Lacks Simplicity

    I suffered my first significant exposure to Windows Vista a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still bemused by the experience. I was roped in to help someone make an old piece of software work and it seemed like a simple enough task. I used the Internet to identify the problem and identified I needed…