The Chair in Boo Garden

I’m sitting in the garden right now writing this blog entry, having already twittered, Boo’d and updated my Facebook status.

Despite approaching social networking with uncertainty from the outset, I now embrace Facebook, Twitter and similar outpourings like old friends. In many respects they are just that. I chat with more old school friends and ex-work colleagues than ever before. Yes, some of those “friends” are tenuous, but I do know them from Adam (something Facebook members with thousands of friends certainly can’t say!).

The business of social networking induces me to chat regularly, if only with myself. I should write more and I should write regularly… and this may be a reasonable route in to achieving that. A dozen Tweets in a day is more than I have likely set down to paper in the last week on any creative projects. It shouldn’t be that way, but small steps might make all the difference.

I now Tweet as @boreders, Facebook as myself, and Boo too! Boo is basically audio twittering or blogging, which allows for a little more spontaneous content generation. I allow my mouth to do all the talking (funnily enough).

I’d like to find any angle on this outpouring now to make more of it… So, if anyone has any clever ideas they’d care to share, I’d love to hear from you!






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