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Paul Baldowski is a writer, roleplayer and husband – a split role that leans heavily towards the lattermost, with smatterings of the others interspersed. He has spent the last twenty years roleplaying and longer watching the Doctor. His earliest recollection of any Who is watching The Horns of the Nimon from behind the settee at his maternal grandmother’s house. Even now he retains a dread fear of minotaurs from space, making normal day-to-day activities sometimes difficult.

He has written or contributed to several books in the PARANOIA roleplaying game series from Mongoose Publishing – including the main rules, Crash Priority, Service, Service!, STUFF and the whole of The Underplex (bar some much appreciated snippets from the Traitor Recycling Studio).

I Twitter as boreders, but specifically cover Doctor Who-related matters under dwaitas


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