A new year with a new gaming agenda. I don’t do resolutions — this is more of a general to-do list.

More Games – Other Peoples’

It feels like a very long time ago that I spent most of my time at conventions running games. While I haven’t stopped, as smaller cons don’t require my full time and attention assisting All Rolled Up on their stand, there are many games where I do no gaming at all. Heck, at some conventions, I don’t get time to leave the stand except to eat and sleep.

While everyone’s experience will vary, I feel that the breadth of gaming over the last 40 years has helped me as a tabletop creative and game moderator. I want to keep trying out new games and further expanding my exposure to a diversity of tabletop.

More Games – Playtesting

And while I want to run a lot of other peoples’ games, there are my own to consider. In 2024, I hope that this will include playtests for Divided Horizons and Genre Setups for Sanction. If I can squeeze in The Dee Sanction and Cthulhu Hack, too, all the better.

While I’ve described this playtesting as focusing on me, with Sanction, I’m hoping to playtest some of the new games and ideas that other people come up with under the auspices of the community creative content license. I have already seen something of this with hacks of The Dee Sanction. My separating of Sanction from Dee intended to make the business of hacks easier to achieve. I’m excited to see what comes out of it.

Dee Sanction Kickstarter

All being well, my current plans will see crowd-funding for The Dee Sanction later in 2024. My plan is to write a couple of supplements covering part of Dee’s journey in Europe – likely covering Sweden and the Low Countries – and include a new print of The Dee Sanction in hardback, integrating the Core Rules, Adventures, and errata, plus additional illustrations.

Unlike Cthulhu Hack 2e, I don’t see this version of The Dee Sanction being anything more than a reprint incorporating errata and some of the most minor of tweaks to bring it in line with Sanction. For my part, I want to focus the creativity on the supplements, while offering newcomers and enthusiasts the opportunity to pick up a fancy new casebound book. The new areas of Europe will offer the opportunity for a little history, an expansion to the bestiary, a little revelation about why Dee chose to visit, and (most likely) several additional tables with new names, occupations, secret societies, and disreputable texts.

Blogs and Such

I have an array of blogs on varied subjects and a Patreon for creating new RPG content without a specific aim or purpose. I plan to do more for all of these; I need to get myself timetabling. If I can get a weekend a month for each of these key things, I feel I could get a lot of new content out there.

I’m constantly bubbling over with random ideas, but they tend to end up on sticky notes rather than within reach of the public.

What to look out for:

  • Renegade Timelord – time travel, alternate realities, What If?-stuff
  • Omega Complex – dystopia, Paranoia, weird stuff
  • Glowing Monkeys – urban strangeness, conspiracies, folklore
  • The Iron Pact – dark fantasy, Symbaroum, Trophy, folk horror
  • My Patreon – creating tabletop content for existing and new games
  • boreders – everything else that doesn’t comfortably fit above

I realise that consolidating these might make it easier on me, but they exist now and I’ve tried consolidation before. It sort of didn’t work.

Online Content

A thing that has been bugging me for a long time is that I don’t create enough online content in terms of actual play material or appearing on other people’s podcasts and such. Or, for that matter, getting involved with someone else’s actual play games.

At a very low level, starting a game or two on my Discord would be a good idea, but the anxiety hurdle usually nips that one in the bud. I run games on other people’s Discord servers, so I need to find a way to negotiate the hurdle of getting more activity on my own!


I think all of the above will stand in the way of getting enough reading done, but we all have to set unreasonable expectations, right?!

I have so many books awaiting my attention. And, if I can’t offer them the attention they deserve, is it time to start a cull in the library?!


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