Old Game Still Played – RPGaDay 2023

Today’s question is:

Old Game You Still Play

I bet a lot of people have referenced the publication date over the edition.

I mean, I know there aren’t rules to RPGaDAY – it’s for fun, right (right?!) – but most folk who say D&D won’t be playing out of the white books from the 70s. I might believe that some are, as might there be folk running Traveller out of a little black box (I know that’s how I’d be playing it). But if someone says Call of Cthulhu, it’s probably 7th Edition rather than the slim white box from the early 80s.

Anyway… I’ll opt for the brief that it should be an old game, and the actual edition played.

So, while I could say Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, that would be the 2018 edition. But, I have been running The Enemy Within and doing it from the new books plus the 1991 softcover compilation of the first three parts and various booklets from the original 1980s box sets.

An old game I still play the adventures from, while not the systems they were written for, is Middle Earth Role Playing. So, I might be playing (and have on more than one occasion) 1987’s Gates of Mordor, but I’m running it using the mechanics from 2011’s Hollowpoint (with a few tweaks to the skill sets).

But, as I mentioned earlier in the week, I run a lot of one-shots using old systems and adventures. So, Wild West (1981) remains the oldest edition of a game played by publication rather than heritage.

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