Most Recent Game Bought – RPGaDay 2023

The original question was:

Most Recent Game Bought

I quite like the cut of the last question, First RPG Bought (this year), so I’ll stick with the ternary approach.

The three answers are:

  • Most Recent PDF: When The Wolf Comes
  • Most Recent Physical Purchase: Dragonbane
  • Most Recent Secondhand Purchase: Battlestar Galactica

In summary, I have a chunk of reading ahead of me!

Robert J. Schwalb yanked my attention in the direction of the Powered by Shadow of the Demon Lord game When The Wolf Comes. Vikings in space facing the end of everything at the mercy of the unfolding events of Ragnarök… How did I miss this before now?

The game takes the premise that when the Vikings started raiding, their successes never stopped, rolling on and on with victory after victory. Now, the Norse Commonwealth spans the far reaches of space with the end times looming.

Schwalb Entertainment does great stuff. You should check it all out.

Dragonbane is the newest release from Free League. Bringing a classic Swedish game of high fantasy, adventure and magic – Drakar och Demoner – to a wider audience with a fresh new system and a style all of its own. Free League has worked all the usual magic in getting a metric ton of game into a reasonably priced and sized (but weighty) box, with core rules, adventures, treasure and adventure cards, punch-out standees and stands, plus dice.

What made this a must-buy? My first experience with the game.

I played my first session at a Sheffield game convention. My GM, Graham Spearing, did the usual job of making a few hours of gaming extra fun in spite of a sliver of an adventure, a little less prep than might have been ideal, and a tired bunch of gamers.

Battlestar Galactica is a completist thing. I’m a wannabe fan of the Cortex system and a long-time fan of the Battlestar mythology. For whatever reason, this volume does not figure amongst the many books in my collection, and I wanted to correct that when the chance arose.

What’s that about a wannabe fan?

There are games in my collection that I want to grok, big time. In most cases, I keep hold of them because I have a gut feeling about them doing something well that I just haven’t grasped yet. Savage Worlds is another game in this category. One day I will have a lightbulb moment, and that game will become a favourite. I know it. I’m certain.

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