Game I Wish I Owned – RPGaDay 2023

Today’s question is:

Game I Wished I Owned

Oddly enough, the stuff I really wish I owned doesn’t even exist.

For example, there are a bunch of 80s FASA supplements and games I would love to own. The Sontarans supplement, referenced in the 1986 Catalog for Doctor Who, for example, would, I’m certain, have been another celebration of licence stretching. I would love to imagine that there was a Gorn supplement in the works for Star Trek. And I would love to own a copy of the Deathworld RPG (based on the Harry Harrison books).

Another example is Tom Moldvay’s Lords of Creation, which fascinated me from the first time I read it back in the mid-80s. For one, I wish that this game existed now with a more modern take on the system—heck, if anyone knows who I could contact about that, I love to grab the licence on the game itself for that Second Edition.*

But, what I wish I owned, which doesn’t exist, are the final two parts of the game’s multi-part campaign set (the first three appear in the main image for the post).

It was ambitious to kick off a game with a 5-part campaign, but they did. And in a common style, of the time, each part came in a slim box with all you needed to play, usually an adventure book, map and maybe some handouts.

(James Bond from Victory Games was another glorious example of this format.)

After Omegakron, alas, nothing more was forthcoming. The last two parts, The Tower of Ilium and The Mines of Voria, were never released.

Yes, my interest is in completion, and I’m aware that I’m wearing rose-tinted specs wanting something like this (the concept and system need an overhaul). But… I wish I owned them.

(* The title of the second adventure, The Yeti Sanction, makes me think I might be fated to write the new version of this game, or at least borrow elements of the concept.)

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