Favourite Published Adventure – RPGaDay 2023

The question is:

Favourite Published Adventure

If I’m allowed any published adventure at all, I have a strange affection for Sky Rig, which was published in Issue 57 of White Dwarf way back in September 1984, which was not far off from when I first started collecting the magazine.

It’s a disaster in space, with a countdown toward destruction and a mystery to solve before it’s too late. The adventure comes with a bunch of deck plans, room descriptions, and a timeline of events that happen before and during the mission.

Sky Rig was written for Traveller, but I have used it for a bunch of games over the years – including Maelstrom and Cthulhu Hack. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about the adventure as written, but it always seems to be lurking in the back of my mind. There’s the possibility, of course, that this is imprinted fascination from those heady days of picking up White Dwarf for the first time and marvelling at the content for hours on end!

Those were the days.

If I have to choose something standalone. Hmm.

If you want something modern and published as a self-contained adventure, I enjoy the simplicity and format of Gavin Norman’s Winter’s Daughter, part of the Dolmenwood setting. It also seems like a good moment for a mention, given the phenomenal success of the Dolmenwood Kickstarter.

The simple presentation and approach to laying out the adventure was an influence on the adventures of The Dee Sanction. I just took it a step further, limiting the length and locations, allowing the GM more freedom to expand upon a one-shot plot.

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