Favourite Never-Get-To-Play RPG – RPGaDay 2023

The original question was:

Favourite game you NEVER get to play

I think Star Trek, probably. FASA Star Trek.

That said, I did manage to get a game in at a Sheffield convention — North Star —  in the middle of last year.

The FASA games were a part of my first journeys into roleplaying, and I was not the only one running them. While I collected the Doctor Who game, my friend Jon was the one running Star Trek.

(Later, a friend called Garry ran Behind Enemy Lines for a short while, and, even later, I might have accidentally tripped over a session of Shadowrun at University.)

The system might read a bit awkward, and all the notions of Action Points stink of a wargame/tactical notion that feels totally out of place, but the core mechanic just deals in percentiles.

What delights me about the character generation is that you choose what you want to be — driven by a discussion about the adventure/campaign — and then roll into it. Knowing that you need a Captain, for example, might lead to endless terms of service grinding toward a goal or the Kirk-esque rocketship journey of promotion that sees you there in no time at all.

Or I might be misremembering something. But, I like what I’m misremembering.

We dabbled a little with running a Klingon campaign – here’s my character!

My character, Captain James Andrew Garth, took the USS Lexington on a journey that, alas, led to destruction in combat against the Gorn — using the Star Trek III Starship Combat Game that came packaged with the Deluxe Edition.

My collection now spans more than one Star Trek role-playing game, but it also includes Jon’s old books and adventures that were once the source of my enjoyment in those lunchtime sessions at school. There’s something special about that will always make this a favourite.

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The prompts for this year are as follows — and you can find out more on Dave’s website.


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