Where to Host a First Game – RPGaDay 2022

The question is: Where would you host a first game?

I personally enjoy the freedom of running at a convention.

It might not be ideal — as it can be noisy, disrupted and heaped with added pressures for everyone who hasn’t met before — but it does provide a chance to play brand new games, experience new ways of playing, and discover whole new avenues of adventure that might not otherwise be possible with a local group.

A convention is like an all-you-can-eat buffet with a breadth of menu unlike anywhere else. In the right situation, you might have the chance to play games that span decades of time.

As a one-off, it creates expectation but sort of relieves the pressure of running the perfect game. You will almost certainly try to be your best as a player or game runner, but if something doesn’t go quite as planned or you mess up a rule call, that’s fine. Point out the mistake or just explain it and let it ride, then move on. Tomorrow, you hopefully will have nothing more than happy memories of the great games you played and, as a game runner, you might have some constructive notes about what to do or avoid next time.

RPGaDay is a prompt-driven experience in tabletop roleplaying, initiated by Dave Chapman of Autocratik, and powered by me and you.

The prompts for this year are as follows — and you can find out more on Dave’s website.


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