Introductory RPG – RPGaDay 2022

The question is: What is a great introductory RPG?

The simplest and less obvious answer would be any game run by a considerate and inclusive individual open to introducing you to tabletop roleplaying games.

Honestly, I think that that’s the best approach, as it can be something of an overwhelming experience to hit the table cold. If you have someone familiar with RPGs up for running you through an exciting and engaging intro session, all the better.

If I have to suggest a game — and I guess that’s probably the intent of the question — then Advanced Fighting Fantasy would be a good call.

It’s simple to run, easy to learn, and possesses all the traits of other more complex fantasy games — character classes, different races, attributes, skills, and so forth — plus the core mechanics and a sample adventure appear in the first dozen pages of the book.

That’s no big commitment for the game runner and accessible for the people playing.

The other answer would be Dungeons & Dragons, but that’s a more nuanced response. You have to consider my first response here — having a considerate and inclusive game runner willing to guide you through the experience — as D&D will feel more intimidating. But, as the grandee of RPGs, it’s a worthy consideration for anyone as an introduction, and I myself played D&D the very first time I played.

RPGaDay is a prompt-driven experience in tabletop roleplaying, initiated by Dave Chapman of Autocratik, and powered by me and you.

The prompts for this year are as follows — and you can find out more on Dave’s website.


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