minimal Explosion

For me, creating minimald6 versions of things seems to be a fine way of de-stressing and getting some creative juices running. I think it has something to do with the simplicity of the starting point and the challenge of emulation. There’s little point in creating something that doesn’t feel right.

Davokar came out of a desire to try doing something minimal. It offers a similar array of attributes, assigns specials based on culture and archetype, and mixes things up with corruption.

Renegade emerged because the time-travelling thing hadn’t been done and the muse struck last week. Still a work in progress, the game offers the standard archetypes of the best known time-and-space serial with the added narrative tool of Time Tokens (earned when rolling a triple-number failure) that get the players the power to succeed without chance of failure or tweak the plot to their advantage.

Electric Schemes arose because I was running a kids on bikes and mystery thing at a convention and I wanted to go minimal. The archetypes mirror recent TV series and movies about kids discovering and battling the unknown, with the added possibility of scoring a fumble or a critical on a twenty-sided die rolled with any standard test of chance.

The same convention threw a game at me – Fragged Empire – which I own and really like the background for, but the character sheet scares me. I’ve played it twice with different GMs and nothing they can do could possibly make the sheet less frightening. On Saturday, we probably used 2 square inches of a three A4-page (single-sided) character sheet.

Something must be done… expect DeFrag eventually.


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