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Into The OddRPGaDay Day #2 asks: Best Game Session Since August 2015?

Wow. I’m torn on this one.

The game of The Haunting I ran at Patriot Games in May with my draft version of The Cthulhu Hack comes joint first on this one. I know that this isn’t my core system, but having spent time rendering something of my own from the base of The Black Hack I got considerable satisfaction out of a successfully run game of TCH. I also found satisfaction in the fact that people who had played the old Haunted House adventure – a mainstay of Call of Cthulhu since year dot – didn’t realise that that’s what they’d been playing until after the event.

The other contender would be an impromptu game of Into The Odd I ran at my local gaming group. None had played Odd before and one player hadn’t been roleplaying for long. Fede did well, though, despite feeling she was struggling, playing a game in a second language. What made it great? It just turned into a pant-wettingly entertaining session, filled with silly situations driven by narrative flow and fun more than anything else. Odd runs super lite but effectively and I found it a joy to facilitate the session.

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