N is for Nuts

Krispy-Kreme-Peanut-ButterI have become more tolerant of nuts over the years. I have never been intolerant (certainly not in a medical sense), but I never consumed that many or any great variety.

I might once have dabbled in peanuts, but these days I’m all about the walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and more besides.

Once I wouldn’t have touched peanut butter with a barge pole. I couldn’t work out why it would appeal before about six years ago, and then my appetite changed.

Now I thoroughly enjoy it, rather than dabbling. I use smooth and crunchy (despite Warran Ellis’s claim the former is some spawn of the Devil). I also use the dehydrated variety that leaves the oil out of the equation. The oiliness often sets poor old peanut butter out in the cold, but the powdered stuff works just fine for me.

And Krispy Kreme peanut butter donuts. Don’t even get me started…

I have always enjoyed mixing cereals and trying out different combinations of flavours and textured. I would never have considered throwing in banana chips and mixing a dessert spoon of peanut powder into the almond milk before now.

I sprinkled walnuts and chia seeds on my salad the other night for no better reason than a whim. I scattered pecans and blueberries on my yoghurt and swirled in a spoon of lemon curd.

I’m not sure whether I’m just experimenting or simply going a bit mad.

Or maybe just nuts.





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