I is for Infirm

photo-of-Paul-BaldowskiI worry about my state of health, both in body and mind. I worry about my friends and family as well, but I can take affirmative action more readily in mitigating my own decline!

If I once believed that age would not wither me, I can confirm I was wrong. It obviously does.

In the last few months, for example, I have realised that the slight difficulty with reading instructions on bottles comes down to my eyesight failing. I can get by for the time being, but in the next couple of years managing without some correction for reading will make my favourite pastime a real chore!

I’m glad I made the effort to lose weight 5 years ago because I wonder whether I have the strength of will, determination and general physical wherewithal to manage it now. Five years ago I got into the business of watching my diet and exercising a little every day, whatever the mood or the weather. Right now, I find it difficult to get in a single day of moderate exercise a week, though I continue to get out for a long walk at lunchtime a couple of times. I need to change that else I’ll undo all that hard work!

For the moment, I hope that my reading, roleplaying and puzzling will keep my mind busy and reasonably focussed. I have an issue with pronouns – all too easily forgetting the names of people and places – but I have measures in place to combat that. I have an alphabetical thing where I run from A to Z – and the nudge to concentrate on a letter seems to assist the association of a thing with what it’s called.

I have aches in the morning though I suspect that comes down to a dodgy mattress and the presence of a cat across 2/3rds of my pillow. I can’t stay up too late without really suffering, and that’s without the excesses of alcohol I consumed in my youth.

I’m a way off feeling, or indeed being, old – but, I can see the first unravelling of faculties and physicality. I see what I can do to make the decline as graceful as possible.





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