A is for A to Z Challenge

I guess it would have to take some sort of event to get me back into the business of blogging regularly. Not that I haven’t been blogging at all… just not here. At The Iron Pact I have been writing pretty much every day for over a month. I think it might be safe to say that my creativity has been focussed all too much in a single direction.

Is it possible to suffer from Tunnel Blogging as a condition?

With this all too niche focus in mind as a state that warrants amend, I have taken up the A to Z Challenge through April. Admittedly, I have taken the challenge with The Iron Pact because I have the inclination and ideas at the moment to (hopefully) keep pace with that one. I imagine finding alphabetical shoehorns for the next month will provide part of the challenge.

For Boreders, I’ll try the same challenge on an unofficial basis. Sometime in the distant past I felt that Boreders had some attention and enough occasional viewers to feel popular; I can see those days have long past. I cling to the domain as as a primary source of email addresses more than anything.

Long gone are the days that led to this blogs creation and despite best intentions I have not kept to the business of keeping it fresh. I do have a habit of fadding my writing output. When I started Boreders I spent a huge amount of time churning out entertaining articles on the pointless for h2g2. Indeed, most of the traffic for this site used to come for some of the material that I posted here after posting there – like my short reference on Trepanning.

For April 2016, I hope to return to those heady days of productive writing at Boreders.






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