UK Games Expo 2015 – Running Games

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UK Games Expo event booking has opened up, so I’ve been drawing up my proposed games for the event and picked four so far – with the provision that I might consider a fifth.

I have given some consideration to systems based as much on the date and time as anything. So, for example, I’d rather run a playtest system on a day with a lot of available players – because there’ll be more people around and therefore greater potential to fill all games.

On the other hand, on a Friday morning, before the event really kicks off properly, it makes more sense to go with something ‘safe’.

The Blessing of St Agnes
Friday, 10am

As you step from the inn into the cold, pale light of a watery spring morning, a peal of tear-sodden cries echoes across the half empty market place beckoning your better nature to discover just what has gone amiss…

The young daughter of a wealthy merchant has vanished, leaving him distraught and pleading for assistance. In the depths of the dark woods, beyond the bounds of the town, the ruined remains of a chapel to St Agnes hide more than a few secrets of a forgotten sisterhood and hope for the helpless.

A Starter Set-level investigation/dungeon delve in a fantasy setting.

Deeply Observable
Friday, 8pm

The Ninth World is our planet, Earth, a billion years in the future.

And, in a future layered with the detritus of a million generations, a population of scholars and treasure seekers constantly hunt for revelations and lost truths. However, sometimes, that which has been hidden warrants remaining forgotten, for in uncovering the observations of lost worlds, we unravel the certainties of our very existence…

An investigation/dungeon delve in the far, far future.

The Dee Sanction
Steel and Thunder
Saturday, 10am

In the summer of 1586, a body lies motionless in the grounds of St James’s Park. Servants and courtiers charge across the well tended grounds, the crack of gunfire still echoing in their ears. A crimson outline spreads from the torn and shattered body of Queen Elizabeth, and with the ragged gasp of her final breath the future of England dies with her.

Three years earlier, in the troubled border town of Kotzow, a young girl wracked with spasms and tortured by spirits tells of the bloody fall of England’s greatest Queen. Might her words, and the actions of the Dee Sanction, uncover a way to thwart this assassination before it even happens?

An supernatural investigation in Elizabethan Europe.

Forged in Steel
Saturday, 8pm

It’s May 2015, and trade negotiations have fallen into petty bickering between Theodor Bormann, the Führer of the Heilige Deutsche Reich, and President Willard Romney. That two great nations united by a deep and abiding faith could come to this – certainty of espionage and competing interest drives the secret services in attendance to initiate a major crack down…

Which can only make the investigations of a concerned and curious TimeWatch team all the harder.

An time-travelling investigation, starting tomorrow and ending up somewhere else.


Nothing strictly set in stone just yet. We’ll see whether this lot gets accepted and work out the particulars for a possible fifth slot.






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