Quick Weekend Achievements

Put on your Sunday best
How I would have spent Sunday in the Olden Days (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

I often beat myself up about what I get done at the weekend. I reach the close, the darkness of Sunday night, and wonder where all the time went. In that moment, I often also wondered what I managed to do with it all – and yet come out the other end with nothing much to show for it.

Well, OK… Despite the fact that I still feel like I haven’t done anywhere near enough with this weekend – and all too much of what I did do took place inside… I must admit I didn’t waste my time.

  • Drew a badge image for new Mythos All Rolled Up
  • Retouched three pictures for custom All Rolled Up
  • Created and cut out a bunch of badges for ARU
  • Recorded an explanation of the Tiny ARU for YouTube
  • Promoted All Rolled Up’s presence at UK Games Expo on G+, Facebook and Twitter
  • Made 5-minute banana muffins (which actually take 15 minutes – including cooling time – but taste strangely fine and have gone down really well around my place!)
  • Repotted a runner bean (and watered the rest)
  • Walked to the library
  • Hoovered the carpet in the kitchen (after haircuts!)
  • Exercised a bit on Friday (weekend off)
  • Hung a new shower curtain
  • Managed to get outside (but not enough… not nearly enough)
  • Had breakfast outside, this morning, with my wife
  • Watched three episodes of Parks & Recreation, with my wife (we’re really enjoying this series – accessed through Amazon Prime Instant Video… Definitely worth a look)
  • Managed to hit page 200 of The Satan Bug (leisure reading)

I’m certain I could have done more – but, what’s the point of thinking that way. If I have achieved one thing, that’s something. As I achieved several more than one, then I should be patting myself on the back.

I suspect I’m beating myself up because we have less than two weeks now until UK Games Expo and my wife and I have a lot of stuff to prepare before then. Perhaps a Bank Holiday (this coming weekend) will be a benefit in our cause to get stuff done.

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