Getting It Write

I wish I could say that I had nothing to write about. In truth, I have a lot to talk about, however I seem to lack the inclination to write much about it. I have a lot of other things to write that I’m not spending enough time on, so I wouldn’t precisely say I’m sat here idle. But, I don’t have the time to come up with anything insightful, amusing, original or contemplative to disperse upon the blogging world.

I wish I could say I have been wrestling with one of the November writing events, the amusing acronyms for which I can’t bring to mind at the moment. Heck, I don’t even seem to have the time (or the follicle prowess) to take part in Movember, despite the fact I find the whole idea highly amusing.

I have a Maelstrom supplement to finish editing and I have an adventure to write for Dragonmeet. I plan to get the first completed in the next couple of days, and the second completed in the next couple of weeks. Both have deadlines. Completing either project late carries consequences, such as not getting my supplement out to the consuming public or looking a right idiot at the demo table at the end of November. I fancy neither as an option, so I have to get the work done.

I must go to bed now, but I realise the rest of the week has an underlying purpose. I write and nothing more. When I pause or find myself staring into space, I should write instead. Write here, write now.





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