Lost Thursday

A mere two days until ‘Miracle day’, and I have already resigned to the loss of my Thursdays for the next 10 weeks. Getting up at 5am, returning from work around 5pm, the volunteering until past 8pm – Torchwood, I hope, will be my little reward for a long hard day. No pressure Captain Jack!

I have seen a couple of trailers – one recently, one a while back – and I have high hopes. ‘The Children of Earth’ redefined what Torchwood could be as a series, so doubling the length, adding new characters and presenting the team in a new environment certainly has potential, I hope, for something even better.

I have been wondering about the accents. While Captain Jack should appeal to an American audience, as he effectively comes across as a native speaker, I’m thinking more about the Welsh contingent. Will the Americans require Gwen tone down her accent, or do the StarZ network offer sub-titles for the non-English elements of the script?






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