Celtic Wildness

Just played a session of Wild Talents with a Celtic Mythology background. All classic Celtic heroes, brimming with swords, confidence and the odd spasm. I think we might have a real problem with focus, as in the space of two plus hours we managed to get through a feast and a single combat. We got part way through another, then everything went horribly wrong when the character with the spasm ability pretty wiped out everyone, good or bad.

I’m sure I could make sense of the One Roll system if I had time to stare at the principles for a while. I need to really have the chance to roll it around inside my noggin and get a grip of it. The concept seems good, but I suspect we didn’t quite grasp it in totality and the result may have made for some duff results. I can see it’s worth the effort, as the game generally seemed to run along quite well…

We’ll see whether the GM has the guts to try again next week. I suspect we could do with a hit on the Reset button and a chance to try again with a little more focus…





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